From a humble beginning, the Empire family has now grown into one of the leading chain of restaurants in the Garden City of India. The successful (his)tory of Hotel Empire began with the start of a small restaurant on Central Street, Shivaji Nagar in 1966 by a non-resident Indian, Mr. Abdul Rahim from Malaysia, who had a long and an excellent track record in the field of catering.

Empire went through the metamorphosis of its growth under a number of efficient managements till it has reached the present milestone. It has gone from strength to strength, thanks to the unrelenting patronage and support from the public of Bangalore famous for its penchant for mouthwatering and sumptuous food. The management is always keen to take care of the individual tastes and preferences of every one of its valuable patrons.
Hotel Empire took a remarkable turn in terms of service and business under the present management that took over in the early Eighties. The restaurant was constantly upgraded with new services and tastier delicacies. Air-conditioned dining halls were introduced and the premises expanded to meet the ever growing demand of the Empire fans. The building that housed the restaurant was rebuilt in the late Nineties and more than thirty very comfortable and reasonably priced rooms were added to make it a full-fledged hotel. In the meantime, new restaurants of Hotel Empire were opened in the Russell Market and Kammanahalli, maintaining the traditional Empire standards.
The progress story of Empire continued, as a new prestigious venture called Hotel Empire International, with more than thirty aesthetically designed and furnished rooms and a spacious restaurant and juice centre, was opened in 2004 at an ideally located place in the heart of Bangalore on the Church Street off MG Road.
The expansion of the group went ahead further with the opening of another magnificent hotel and restaurant, Empire International in the Koramangala area, the IT hub of Bangalore in 2006. Two more restaurants, Little Empire and Empire Restaurant were subsequently opened in Millers Road, Vasanth Nagar and Mosque Road, Frazer Town respectively in 2007 and 2009. In order to cater to a different class of customers, Empire opened its flagship project, the Empire Suites, in the up-market Brigade Road and MG Road area, offering 32 cozy and luxuriously furnished apartments complimented by a top-floor swimming pool, gym and spa.
The elegantly appointed studio, one and two-bedroom suites bring a high level of comfort and sophistication. Carefully chosen and coordinated accessories complement the suites.
The new Empire Restaurant on the 80 feet Road in Indiranagar which opened in Sept 2010 is an excellent place for savouring the mouth watering Empire dishes. The ambience is superb and the place is very spacious with three floors of elegant state of the art interiors, with a seating capacity of approximately 250 and a spacious party hall on the second floor.
The First branch in Mysore was inaugurated on the 2nd of November and the Mysore crowd was only too happy that Empire made its presence there as well. It is a complete casual dining restaurant in a fine dining atmosphere. The restaurant is located on Kalidasa Road and is housed with 4 floors with a seating capacity of 300 pax and a party hall on the 2nd floor. We have created a superb “homely feeling” with beautiful lighting and music, to enhance the ambience…!
Empire came up with another food counter in the Orion Mall food court, located in Yeshwantpur. The Orion Mall has a 55,000-sq-ft food court area and a property promoted by the Brigade Group.
Dine away, with Empire all the way…! The never ending expansion of Empire is now in Maddur too..! Same taste, same quality and the same service just a different place. One and a half hours drive from Bangalore. A beautiful garden restaurant and a landscaping that one should not miss. Yes, Maddur has welcomed Empire with its new branch on the 12th of April with a soft opening and the response was overwhelming. The latest additions to the empire chain of restaurant is Jayanagar & R.T.Nagar
The management is fully confident that, with the unstinted support shown by its patrons, and thanks to its vast experience in the field spanning more than four decades, the Empire family will God willing, scale new heights in the hospitality business.


Our memories go back to our late CMD Mr. Abdul Haq,going to a single bore well in Bangalore on MG Road inthe 1980’s at 4am to fetch water and push it on a cart which was well supported by his brothers Mr. Abdul Azeez and Mr. KPC Mohammed Kunhi to take the business forward.Our mission has not changed since then in respecting our customers to offer a value deal. We were never aggressive to expand but it is the passion for this business which resulted in success. It has been exciting five decades; we have cautiously grown along with the city. We did embrace a paradigm shift as per our by renovating our outlets and menu to the taste of our customers. Our founder late Mr. Abdul Rahim had predicted the growth way back in 1965. Ours is a sustainable business model and we were never profit motive on the contrary, we always believed in volumes.
Under the aegis of late Mr. Abdul Haq, in 2007 there was a remarkable shift in our strategies to expand across the city. We flaunt a common theme across all our 19 outlets in a standardized operation. We follow the central kitchen concept for quality procurement and consistency in taste. We thank all our customers deeply from our heart, in making EMPIRE a most emerging brand.


From a modest beginning, the Empire family is now one of the leading chain of restaurants in the Startup City. Started as a small restaurant on Central Street, Shivaji Nagar in 1966, our founder late Mr. Abdul Rahim had a long and an excellent track record in the field of catering. Empire has gone from strength to strength; thanks to the continuous support from the public and we will always be indebted to them. In our journey, we had faced numerous challenges but we were successful in overpowering the barriers to be a prominent player in the Industry. Today we are not known for following markets but to “build markets”. Where ever we make our presence, for sure it will be a “Foodies Hub.” The management is always keen to take care of the individual tastes and preferences of every one of its valuable patrons.

celebrating Fifty Years

Yes, it’s golden Jubilee Celebrations for us and for our customers. We would like to make this special one to all patrons. In the last three months we have had aggressive campaign through our app providing exciting offers by treating our customers with elegance. For us, our customers mean a lot and we will ensure we reach out all our customers in celebrating this glorious celebration.


A close family held Private Limited Company lead by Mr. KPC Mohammed Kunhi-Chairman, Mr. NKP Abdul Aziz-Managing Director, Mr. Shahid Haq-Joint Managing Director, Mr. Shakir Haq-Director, Mr. Masood Mohammed-Director and Mr. Mohammed Zahrin-Director. In fond memories of late Mr. NKP Abdul Haq’s, his vision andcontribution to brand Empire was immense and under his able management, Empire has seen remarkable growth in the last two decades. He always insisted that business is all about ethics and customers are to be treated with great commitment, honesty and sincerity. Here’s what he believed in:

“Keep the items affordable, but never compromise on the quality. Employees should always be treated fairly; be stringent on the face but have a heart full of compassion. Don’t compromise on ethics and never be biased towards your employees and suppliers. Always respect vendors for their contributions; never keep pending payments even if it were to be a single rupee”..!


Empire always believes in taking dynamic decisions. Over the past one and half decades, Bangalore has grown beyond anybody’s expectation. We took timely decisions to expand proportionatelyin line with the city’s growth and become imperative to replicate success. Our strong product holdand stringent processes has helped us in easy expansion.Our USP is offering quality and hygienic food to suit any pallet in a fine dining ambience and at an affordable price. We monitor our operations 24/7 to ensure optimum and consistent output.

Empire is today system driven and not dependent on any Individual. We are very proud with the fact that we have standardized our operations and customized software to drive it. We have put in tremendous efforts to build our software. The most unique thing about Empire is we have everything in house and a team which will strive to contribute in their respective verticals with a strong desire to excel.


Society has immense confidence in Empire, be it our timing, quality products or services. It was earned with great effort and sincerity. Today the biggest challenge in the tech savvy world is that we serve close to thirty thousand customers every day, even a few bad experiences would be a highlighter in the social media. We take this feedback as most genuine from our customers and we reach each and every individual with solutions.

Late Mr. NKP Abdul Haq, our former CMD always insisted us to be pocket friendly and not serve to specific segment and it has benefited us in the long run. We focus on each and every customer visit as they come to us with a different set of expectations and moods and it is a big challenge to make them happy. We sincerely thank all our Empire customers in keeping the faith and we would strive to reach your expectations.

Operating past midnight…. How challenging is it?

It is a fair game now, with the government giving official permission to operate 24/7 and we welcome their move. We will continue to operate as usual and serve the society. If you closely look at Empire, we are very transparent in our business with a strong focus in serving quality food at an affordable price. It gives us ultimate satisfaction to have stood by the society during difficult times. We are delighted to have being lead by example.


Our customers give rare reviews and feedback on Ghee Rice, Dhal Fry, Kabab, Grill Chicken, Butter Chicken, Coin Parota which are a few of our signature dishes with a host of tongue swirling fruit juices. We have added more dishes to our menu like Al-Faham Chicken, Mutton Kheema Dosa, Shawarma and many more. We offer a varied range of choices to choose from.

Our new app has had a whopping 100 Thousand app downloads in the last few weeks. We believe in catering to our customers in the way they prefer along with the game changer technology. There are live offers for customers every day and we going to take a lead in this segment. We have been a major player in the home delivery segment as well, with more than 60k deliveries a month. We will strive harder to be the leaders in the above two segments.

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